Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Conversation with My Self.

The following is a conversation I had with myself this week

Self: "The first Scrapbook I ever started was an album of my son's first 21 years. He's 26 now ... in fact ... he'll be 27 in a couple of months."

Other Self: "What did he think of it?"

Self:  "Well ... he hasn't seen it yet." 

Other Self: "Why?" 

Self: "Well ... because I haven't finished it yet."

Other Self: "What!  It was started almost 6years ago, for goodness sake!! "

Self: "I know ...  hopeless."

Other Self : "Yet here you are thinking you can have a successful business creating scrapbooks for other people. You know what ... I think the prospect of having to wait 6 years for a completed album could possibly cause potential clients to look elsewhere ... just a thought ...

Self: "But there's always been so much else to do ... hobbies are what you do when everything else is done ... and ... well ... everything else is never done."

Other Self: "So ... if everything else is never done, how are you going to create albums for other people in under 6 years!!? I mean ... I suspect potential clients would want an album completed in something more like ...  well ... under 6 weeks!

Self: "Okay ... I'm giving up Scrapbooking as a hobby."

Other Self: "Well ... that's what I call giving up without a fight."

Self: "No wait ... I'm not giving up Scrapbooking! It's just not a hobby anymore ... it's my livelihood!!!

Believe me ... it's amazing how much I've achieved since I began thinking of Scrapbooking as a business rather than simply as a hobby. 

I can actually sit down and work at my craft without feeling guilty. Sure ... I'm working on a personal project at the moment, so of course not making any money. But the time I spend on this I view as well spent, as I'm bringing my skills up to date and perfecting my style and technique. 

Very soon I'll be ready to go out into the world.

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