Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrapbooking Style

I've just been over at  Ideas for Scrapbookers where Pam Callaghan has been discussing and showing how her scrapbooking style has evolved.

Her invitation to followers to show how their styles have evolved got me thinking about when I first started scrapbooking. My first project was a scrapbook of my son's first 21 years. You will see from my last post that this has been a somewhat lengthy process, but it does show how my ideas about scrapbooking have changed and how my style has evolved.

To begin with I thought that I had to use every single photo that I possessed of my son's first 21 years for this scrapbook. Believe me that is a lot of photos! Consequently my first pages were cluttered and it's difficult for the eye to know where to look first.

A little further on in my scrapbooking journey my pages had a more organised feel to them, but still too many pictures on the one page I think.

This would probably have been more successful as a double page spread, but I hadn't discovered the concept of double page spreads at that stage. 

However ...

... eventually ... discover them I did, and it's a technique I use quite a bit now.

Later still, I started to realise that it was a futile exercise to try to use every photo for this particular scrapbook and began thinking about other projects that I could do to use the left over photos. For example, I have enough Cubs and Scouts photos for a complete scrapbook and maybe I could do one on the holidays my son and I took when he was a boy.

Another thing I now like to do is create the page layouts on background papers and then slip them onto the album page. I find this a better technique than scrapping straight onto the album page itself, because if I mess up it's less expensive to replace the paper as opposed to replacing an actual album page.

These last two pictures are from a small 7x7 album I recently completed for a friend. The style is very much in keeping with my "less is more" philosophy.

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  1. thanks for playing along! It was fun to see your style over the years! You also won my RAk! Please send your mailing address to and I will get that out to you!!
    Pam from Ideas for scrapbookers!